Cornbread Waffles (Gluten-Free Option) | Swirls and Spice

Cornbread Waffles {GF Option}

Make a stack of these savory cornbread waffles, and your next brunch or lip-smacking lunch is just a few steps away.  Add some crisp bacon and/or melted cheese, and you’ll want these waffles on repeat for weeks to come.  They are perfect for stowing in the freezer, offering an instant heat-and-eat option that’s healthy and satisfying. Don’t most things taste better in waffle form?  Cornbread is no … Continue reading Cornbread Waffles {GF Option}

Mason Jar Greek Salad | Swirls and Spice | #grainfree

Jane’s Mason Jar Greek Salad

Brace yourself for the most satisfying salad ever, featuring chickpeas and Greek-seasoned chicken.  Feta and Kalamata olives add a punch of flavor that ascends to Mount Olympus and back.  When all ten layers meet in your entree-sized bowl, the result is no less than extraordinary. I never knew how beloved a Mason jar salad could be until my friend  Jane sent me this recipe out of the blue.  After making and devouring it, … Continue reading Jane’s Mason Jar Greek Salad

Southwest Egg and Grits Bowl | Swirls and Spice #glutenfree

Savory Southwest Egg and Grits Bowl

Steering clear of the standard breakfast or lunch fare? Opt for this creamy bowl of seasoned grits topped with eggs and freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. I have a mental block about eating smoothie bowls, but they look so pretty!  So I decided to create a savory twist on those colorful bowls for a hearty breakfast or lunch option.  This was my lunch today, and I much preferred it … Continue reading Savory Southwest Egg and Grits Bowl

Olive and Chicken Kabobs: Perfect for packed lunches!

Chicken and Olive Kabobs

Salty, juicy black olives alternate with protein-rich chicken breast to make kabobs that pack well and change things up for the better.  Lunch box boredom, be gone! Do you believe change is a good thing or a hard thing?  For me, so much depends on what kind of change we are talking about.  A new recipe or meal solution that everybody likes?  Count me in. … Continue reading Chicken and Olive Kabobs

Melon Rind Soup with Ginger and Star Anise | Swirls and Spice

Watermelon Rind Soup with Ginger and Star Anise

Watermelon rind takes an unexpected starring role in this savoury soup that revels in an aromatic yet light Chinese-style broth. Wasting food really irks me.  But it was not until a number of years back that I had any idea that watermelon rinds could be made useful.  It was when my late grandmother mentioned making pickles out of them.  That notion stuck with me years … Continue reading Watermelon Rind Soup with Ginger and Star Anise