Shrimp and Vegetable Pan Fried Noodles

  Homemade shrimp lo mein is quick, delicious, and affordable way to enjoy Chinese food on a busy weeknight.  All you need is a package of spaghetti noodles, shrimp, veggies, and a savory blend of sauces.   In just 30 minutes you can have dinner done and devoured soon after. Back in January, I kept track the of the cost of dinners that I served … Continue reading Shrimp and Vegetable Pan Fried Noodles

Blueberry Kiwi Donuts

Sweet blueberries and tart kiwi make these unique cake donuts taste like summer.  Topped with a lemony glaze, you can taste sunshine in each delectable bite. The arrival of summer means an abundance of fruits and berries.  And with so many options, there might be some overlooked fruit on the counter that gets overripe.  Since I had a few soft kiwis that I knew were … Continue reading Blueberry Kiwi Donuts

Nacho Enchilada Rice Hot Dish

When the race is on to feed your family dinner, turn to this simple yet flavorful hot dish.  All you need is rice, enchilada sauce, ground meat, beans, cheese and tortilla chips to layer into a satisfying one-dish meal that comes together in 40 minutes or less. I’ll be sharing my recipe at Fiesta Friday this week.  Come see the other dishes and celebrate Cinco … Continue reading Nacho Enchilada Rice Hot Dish