Chimichurri Chicken Drumsticks | Swirls and Spice #whole30 #paleo

Chimichurri Chicken Drumsticks

A flavor-packed blend of garlic and fresh parsley adds punch to these chimichurri chicken drumsticks.  Keep the oven off and the kitchen cool by cooking the chicken in your slow cooker before it sizzles on the grill. Fresh parsley is an ingredient I often overlook, but I decided it was  time to let it shine and grabbed a leafy bunch to make chimichurri sauce again.   … Continue reading Chimichurri Chicken Drumsticks

Sheet Pan Terikayi Chicken Dinner – Plus 18 Weeknight Meal Ideas

It’s five o’clock, and your tired, hungry self needs to get a meal on the table soon.  What options are left?  You can still knock it out of the park with this tangy teriyaki chicken dinner. And if you like simple meals and want more ideas, I’ve also collected 18 more one-pan options to solve your weeknight dinner dilemma. Keep scrolling to get the complete … Continue reading Sheet Pan Terikayi Chicken Dinner – Plus 18 Weeknight Meal Ideas

Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner | Swirls and Spice

Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

As the weather cools a little, our family’s fall schedule is revving up.  Thank goodness for simple meals like this winner of a sheet pan dinner!  The vegetables can even be prepped and stored up to three days ahead of time, which streamlines getting dinner into the oven when every minute counts! A rich marinade keeps the chicken moist and juicy.  This means that I can take out a cooked … Continue reading Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Mason Jar Greek Salad | Swirls and Spice | #grainfree

Jane’s Mason Jar Greek Salad

Brace yourself for the most satisfying salad ever, featuring chickpeas and Greek-seasoned chicken.  Feta and Kalamata olives add a punch of flavor that ascends to Mount Olympus and back.  When all ten layers meet in your entree-sized bowl, the result is no less than extraordinary. I never knew how beloved a Mason jar salad could be until my friend  Jane sent me this recipe out of the blue.  After making and devouring it, … Continue reading Jane’s Mason Jar Greek Salad

Olive and Chicken Kabobs: Perfect for packed lunches!

Chicken and Olive Kabobs

Salty, juicy black olives alternate with protein-rich chicken breast to make kabobs that pack well and change things up for the better.  Lunch box boredom, be gone! Do you believe change is a good thing or a hard thing?  For me, so much depends on what kind of change we are talking about.  A new recipe or meal solution that everybody likes?  Count me in. … Continue reading Chicken and Olive Kabobs

Chicken Stir Fry Romaine Wraps with Peanut Sauce | Swirls and Spice

Chicken Stir Fry Romaine Wraps with Peanut Sauce

A generous drizzle of Thai peanut sauce makes chicken stir fry taste so amazing that I’ll be making extra just so I have a chance to enjoy these irresistible wraps! When it comes to making stir fries or ordering take out, I usually prefer the food piping hot, straight from the wok.  Nevertheless, we usually wind up with leftover stir fry, which is less appealing the … Continue reading Chicken Stir Fry Romaine Wraps with Peanut Sauce