Carrot Spice Hot Cross Buns

Carrot Spice Hot Cross Buns

Can hot cross buns be made without raisins and candied citrus?  Yes, they can.  Pillowy, fragrant, sweet buns were what I was craving, and this recipe delivered all that.  Furthermore, you can enjoy customizing your own buns by adding: carrots only carrots and walnuts carrots and apples Finely grating the carrots provided colour, moisture, and a hint of texture with much less fuss than carrot … Continue reading Carrot Spice Hot Cross Buns

Ladybugs on a (Celery) Stick

Did anyone else grow up eating “Ants on a Log”? Here’s a colourful spin on that theme.  Keep the celery, spike the peanut butter with lime and honey, and trade out raisins for carrot rounds.  Sprinkle on some dark seeds, and voila!  Ladybugs (or ladybirds) appear, alighting just in time for the arrival of spring! Recipe for Ladybugs on a Stick Ingredients: celery sticks peanut … Continue reading Ladybugs on a (Celery) Stick

Sothwest Vegetable and White Bean Wraps

Southwest Vegetable and White Bean Wraps

The idea seemed too simple.  And then I tasted one.  After that I had no qualms about sharing the recipe for these delicious vegetable wraps.  I started with leftover Golden Crisp Potatoes and Carrots.  While I considered wrapping them in a homemade tortilla, I opted instead for a leaf of crisp Napa cabbage, which is almost as mild as lettuce in flavour.  The only other … Continue reading Southwest Vegetable and White Bean Wraps