Caramel Peach S'mores | Swirls and Spice

Caramel Peach S’mores {Gluten Free Option}

Caramel Peach S'mores | Swirls and Spice

As long as I have a s’more in my hand, summer simply isn’t over.  It doesn’t matter how ridiculously early school starts.  These past months we’ve enjoyed s’mores of various kinds, along with many, many popsicles (only a few of which were homemade). It’s nice to have options.  Chocolate Mint S’mores are for when I need a rich chocolate fix.  Gluten Free Chocolate Mint S'mores | Swirls and Spice

When I want an experience that tastes like chocolate-dipped berries, there are Strawberry S’mores.  Gluten-Free Strawberry S'mores | Swirls and Spice

And for peach season, I put together these juicy Caramel Peach S’mores!

Caramel Peach S'mores | Swirls and Spice

Caramel Peach S'mores {Gluten Free Option}



  1. Prepare the grill or skillet by greasing with oil or butter.  Preheat the grill or heavy skillet over medium heat.  Grill the peaches for about 2 minutes on each side. Alternatively, in a skillet sear the peach slices until caramelized on both sides.
  2. Toast marshmallows over an open flame until soft inside.  Onto a graham cracker or square of blondie brittle, place   a roasted marshmallow, and top with one or two warm peach slices.  Drizzle with caramel sauce.  Serve s’mores open-faced or top with another graham cracker or blondie brittle square.

Caramel Peach S'mores | Swirls and Spice

I’m sharing this recipe here and at Angie’s Fiesta Friday, co-hosted by Sandya and Nancy.


22 thoughts on “Caramel Peach S’mores {Gluten Free Option}

  1. We don’t really have s’mores over in England but this recipe looks incredible I think I am going to have to give it a go! Thanks 🙂

    1. I’m glad the recipe could entice you to consider s’mores! For some reason when I was eating these, I thought of banoffee pie, which I haven’t yet tried but ought to! 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE that you grill the peaches first. The depth of flavor and juiciness of the peaches must be wonderful! There’s not a thing I would change with your recipe… it appears to be absolutely perfect! Lovely presentation too. Thanks more bringing your yummy s’mores to share with all of us at Fiesta Friday!

  3. I’m with you and still trying to soak in as much summer as I can too 🙂 These peach s’mores are exactly what I need! I love that you grilled the peaches first! These look and sound SO delicious!

  4. Oh wow they look sooo yummy and I love peaches. Thank you for the gluten free option. I had a hard time adapting to cooking gluten free, but recipes like these and this awesome resource makes it easy ( Thank you!

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