Lunar New Year Recipe Roundup

roundup-bannerHappy Lunar New Year’s Eve!  It’s been an exciting and busy week for many of us as a big weekend approaches.  Both the Lunar New Year and the Superbowl are converging at almost the same time.  Have your local grocery shelves been emptier than usual?  That’s been the case around here, which means I may have to resort to making some Chinese dumplings completely from scratch.  I’ve never made the wrappers on my own, though my students in China were glad to show me more than once.  Thankfully, there’s a recipe out there to assist me–and I posted it on my Lunar New Year Celebration board!

There were so many outstanding recipes this week that it was tricky to choose which ones to feature.  Thankfully you can see all of the recipes that were shared on Pinterest, so be sure to check out each one and see the amazing display of creativity and expertise represented there!  This week I’ve already enjoyed some scallion pancakes and broccoli beef.  I’m looking forward to trying even more of the dishes in the days ahead.

And now here are the Lunar New Year recipes I am featuring today:

Savoury Category

Chinese DumplingsTraditional Chinese Chive Dumplings from Yi Reservation

It would not be Chinese New Year without Jiao Zi for many Chinese folks.  And homemade dumplings, done well, are certainly the best.  I’ll be switching out the chives for celery though.  I am fairly sure that is allowed.

Siu MaiSteamed Siu Mai Dumplings from Life Made Sweeter

When I went to dumpling restaurants in China and visited Chinese dim sum restaurants in Vietnam, I enjoyed the steamed dumplings the most.  It’s time to tackle them at home, and this recipe looks perfect!

Hong Shao Rou (Pork)“Hong Shao Rou” Slow Cooker Red Cooked Pork from Simple Living and Eating

Meat, meat, and more meat was what was served to guests during my time in China.  This lovely dish is a festive red colour and cooks in the slow cooker, freeing your wok for other endeavours.

Won Ton Soup

Classic Won Ton Soup from Shannon’s View From Here

When the flurry of holiday activity dies down, it would be nice to enjoy a comforting bowl of soup.  The Vietnamese add egg noodles to their version and call it “Mi Hoanh Thanh.”

Soy Sauce Marinated Meat & Eggs

Soy Sauce Marinated Cold Plate Assortment from Dessert by Candy

Simple, authentic, and handy for guests dropping in, this cold tray of meat, eggs, and chicken is a lovely thing to have on hand this time of year.

photo3Ginger Spring Onion Crab with Egg Noodles from My Fare Lady

The most important holiday calls for the most glamorous of dishes.  This crab recipe is  certainly worth using part of that New Year’s bonus to enjoy with family and friends.

Sweet Category

Fa Gao Cake“Fa Gao” Prosperity Cake from The Gumdrop Button

Chinese steamed bread is delicious.  And this recipe is so simple and inviting.

Ginger Mochi Cake

Ginger Mochi Cake from Dessert by Candy

I could not resist this intriguing fusion of flavours.  I would like to try this unique cake with brown rice flour and see what results I get.

Black Sesame Sweet SoupBlack Sesame Tang Yuan Soup from Yi Reservation

I love black sesame desserts, and this soup is delicious.  I enjoyed eating it in China and would love to try making it at home.

Sticky Rice Cake for Chinese New YearBaked Sticky Rice Cake from Jeanette’s Healthy Living

It’s hard to go wrong with sticky rice and coconut, and Jeanette does everything right with this cake–and then tops it with almonds!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed to the fantastic collection of recipes this week!  Be sure to see even more recipes on the Lunar New Year Celebration board!

10 Asian Lunar New Year Dishes!I like to link up here.


11 thoughts on “Lunar New Year Recipe Roundup

  1. Everything looks fantastic, great round up Julia! Happy New Year and thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy celebrating 🙂

    1. Everyone has been so amazingly kind this week. I’ve been discovering just how wonderful the people behind the blogs are! I appreciate you taking the time to participate and connect. Happy New Year to you too!

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