Tastes of Asia: 14 Lunar New Year Recipes {Gluten Free}

Did you know that tomorrow is Lunar New Year’s Eve?  Before I went to China and Vietnam, I was mostly unaware of this major holiday.  Yet after spending seven years there, I now find myself wistful at this time of year, as I think of the friends, food, and festivities I left behind.  Thankfully, through Facebook, I am still in touch with some of the … Continue reading Tastes of Asia: 14 Lunar New Year Recipes {Gluten Free}

Lunar New Year Recipe Roundup

Happy Lunar New Year’s Eve!  It’s been an exciting and busy week for many of us as a big weekend approaches.  Both the Lunar New Year and the Superbowl are converging at almost the same time.  Have your local grocery shelves been emptier than usual?  That’s been the case around here, which means I may have to resort to making some Chinese dumplings completely from … Continue reading Lunar New Year Recipe Roundup

Sticky Rice Steamed in a Cupcake Liner - topped with peanuts

Steamed Sticky Rice Cups

With the lunar new year approaching soon, why not try making some traditional Asian sticky rice?  My favourite versions of sticky rice are Thai sticky rice with mango and Vietnamese sticky rice, which is often bought for breakfast; it is also served at special occasions as a side dish, usually with poultry. Banana leaves are the traditional way to wrap sticky rice, but squares of … Continue reading Steamed Sticky Rice Cups