Pin to Party: Celebrating the Lunar New Year!

Share Your Asian Lunar New Year Dishes!

In Canada and the U.S., thoughts are already turning towards Valentine’s Day, but there’s another special holiday coming even sooner, and it is one of Asia’s biggest celebrations: Lunar New Year!  This week, China, Vietnam, Singapore, and Korea are all gearing up to ring in the year of the horse, which starts on January 31st this year.

I’ve experienced the lunar New Year fireworks, food, and festivities of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong once.  I got to spend the Têt holiday in Vietnam another year.  Both times I was a foreign outsider looking in, yet the atmosphere was amazing to behold.  Now we live an ocean away, but I would still like my growing family to become better acquainted with this important holiday and its customs.  One of my children was born in Vietnam, and though she doesn’t recall our life there, I think it’s still important to stay connected to that part of our past.

So this year I am collecting recipes and will prepare to celebrate along with my Asian friends, many of whom I am still connected with through Facebook.  In fact, I asked my friends from Singapore, China, Korea, and Vietnam to share what special foods they would be eating this week to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  The list below includes a few authentic dishes that they mentioned.  Have you heard of or tried any of these yet?





Rice Cake Soup and Pineapple Tarts were new to me, but I am eager to try them!

Starting today, I’m hosting a Pinterest party all week long, and I’d love for you to share your renditions of dishes from Asia.  Let’s inspire one another to broaden our palates and cultural understanding as we cook and share!

To join the celebration, leave a comment here on this post. Include a link to your Asian-inspired recipe [with photo(s)].  And then what?

  1. I will pin your link to my Lunar New Year Celebration board on Pinterest.  
  2. Be sure to follow that Pinterest board and see the growing collection of Asian food recipes!
  3. Pin or repin your favourite recipes!
  4. See my favorite recipes, which I will feature in an upcoming Lunar New Year recipe round up post on Thursday, January 30th.  

So share your links and have fun exploring new dishes you see!

19 comments on “Pin to Party: Celebrating the Lunar New Year!

  1. […] opportunity to broaden our palates and cultural understanding as we cook, eat, and share!  See her post today for more […]

  2. I lived in Chinatown in NYC and the celebration of New Year would go on for a week. It was fun, but hard to sleep. Thanks for including my recipe in your collection and Happy New Year. http://www.simplelivingeating.com/2014/01/slow-cooker-red-cooked-pork-hong-shao.html

  3. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to discovering new recipes.
    Here is my Wonton Soup recipe http://shannonsviewfromhere.com/2014/01/recipe-wonton-soup.html

  4. Not sure if my earlier comment went though. Here is a repost:

    Hi Julia, thanks for reaching out to me. The pin party sounds like a fantastic idea to celebrate Chinese New Year!!
    I’ve got a few for you. Here is the Dan Dan Noodles you were interested: http://yireservation.com/recipes/dan-dan-noodles/
    A few more CNY special recipes from the past:

    Also, I’ve got a free cookbook dedicated to CNY: http://yireservation.com/recipes/chinese-new-year-cookbook/

    I can’t wait until your board gets filled out with all the delicious Lunar New Year recipes!

    • Your cookbook looks amazing! I lived in China for a while, so I can tell that your recipes are authentic and delicious! Can’t wait to try them! Thanks so much for sharing some of them with us this week!

  5. Hi Julia, thanks for stopping by my blog! Here are a couple of recipes I recently posted for Chinese New Year:

    Prosperity Cake: http://www.thegumdropbutton.com/2014/01/27/chinese-new-year-fa-gao/

    Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Sesame: http://www.thegumdropbutton.com/2014/01/22/chinese-new-year-tang-yuan/

    And the Pho recipe you requested (not traditional but delicious!); http://www.thegumdropbutton.com/2014/01/06/the-classics-pho-vietnamese-beef-noodle-soup/


  6. Thanks for sharing and the invite to share my recipe in your collection Julia, can’t wait to check out the rest of the recipes:) Here are the Steamed Siu Mai Pork Dumplings : http://lifemadesweeter.com/?p=4839
    Happy CNY!

  7. Hey there! Thanks so much for inviting me to join in your Lunar New Year Celebration. Here’s my recipe for Ginger & Spring Onion Crab with Egg Noodles http://myfarelady05.com/2014/01/27/ginger-spring-onion-crab-with-noodles/


  8. […] I am hosting a Pinterest party all week long, and am adding more recipes as people submit them.  This post tells you where to find the party and how you can share your […]

  9. Thank you for inviting me to the party! Here is my non-traditional recipe for a baked ginger glutinous rice cake 薑汁片糖烤年糕:

    For something that is good for everyday and not just lunar new year celebration, soy sauce marinated platter 鹵水拼盆:

  10. eventhough I’m late, I thought I would still add to the collection if you dont mind

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