Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake

Layers of chocolate crêpes and raspberry whipped cream make a rich and airy dessert that is perfect for sharing and celebrating.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, followed by Pancake Tuesday, so get your crêpe pan out and enjoy tucking into this sweet-but-not-too-sweet delight of a cake. Do you eat crêpes often?  My kids absolutely love them, and every once in a while I will … Continue reading Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake

Raspberry Watermelon Gelatin Salad Remix | Swirls and Spice

Raspberry Watermelon Gelatin Salad Remix

Refreshing watermelon and fresh raspberries offer a sweet taste of the past in this sweet and healthy remix of gelatin salad. Gelatin salads (which are essentially desserts) remind me of my childhood.  At home and at potluck events, brightly tinted gelatin with fruit was often served, to the point where no buffet table seemed complete without at least two variations.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised to … Continue reading Raspberry Watermelon Gelatin Salad Remix

Berry Lemon Oven Pancake | Swirls and Spice

Berry Lemon Oven Pancake

Oven pancakes are faster and easier than you might think.  There’s a good reason why the Swedes, Germans, and Dutch are known for them.  Not only are “Dutch babies” or oven pancakes delicious, you can whip up the batter in less than five minutes.  Pop it in the oven and 25 minutes later, a hot breakfast is served! I usually wake up hungry.  But pancakes seem … Continue reading Berry Lemon Oven Pancake

Raspberry Peach Crumble Cake | Swirls and Spice

Raspberry Peach Crumble Cake

I’m still craving warm rays of sun that peaches sweetly suggest.  A crumble cake with peaches on top just had to happen, with red raspberries for tartness and added colour.  Never mind that our early spring weather has been cool and blustery, with another chance of flurries still to come.  We will taste sunshine, served on a plate, as we continue to celebrate the hope … Continue reading Raspberry Peach Crumble Cake

Raspberry Almond Muffins (or Cupcakes) with Orange Glaze

It turns out that raspberries and orange juice are a fun and entirely compatible flavour combination.  When I needed a taste of sunshine last month, these muffins were a perfect pick-me-up.  They are also a lovely addition to a weekend brunch, and are well-suited for Easter and other springtime celebrations. I wasn’t sure what to call this recipe.  Cupcakes or muffins?  Lightly glazed, these are … Continue reading Raspberry Almond Muffins (or Cupcakes) with Orange Glaze

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam with Honey

The last jar of tangy raspberry rhubarb jam was opened today.  Between a friend’s garden and the local u-pick berry batch, we did well with gathering fresh raspberries this summer.  Combining two loves–raspberries and rhubarb–in a jam was a splendid idea.  And I might have to buy some frozen rhubarb and raspberries so that we can enjoy more small batches of this homemade jam in … Continue reading Raspberry Rhubarb Jam with Honey