Sesame Ginger Black Bean Soup | Swirls and Spice

Sesame Ginger Black Bean Soup

Fend off mid-winter’s chill with a steaming bowl of Sesame Ginger Black Bean Soup. Ginger adds flare, while sesame oil brings a distinctive layer of richness that blends everything together harmoniously. After tasting your first spoonful, you will need to rethink your concept of black bean soup. Because it is out with the cumin, and in with the ginger this time.  I happen to like black bean … Continue reading Sesame Ginger Black Bean Soup

Mulligatawny Soup with Butternut Squash

If I’m keeping things simple, I’ll turn leftover chicken into a soup with rice and vegetables.  With this soup recipe, I’ve added the classic Indian spices along with sweet butternut squash.  The squash blends beautifully with the other flavours. With apple season wrapping up, there’s no reason not to try a fresh spin on this classic soup by adding a touch of butternut.  Soup is also an optimal way … Continue reading Mulligatawny Soup with Butternut Squash

Melon Rind Soup with Ginger and Star Anise | Swirls and Spice

Watermelon Rind Soup with Ginger and Star Anise

Watermelon rind takes an unexpected starring role in this savoury soup that revels in an aromatic yet light Chinese-style broth. Wasting food really irks me.  But it was not until a number of years back that I had any idea that watermelon rinds could be made useful.  It was when my late grandmother mentioned making pickles out of them.  That notion stuck with me years … Continue reading Watermelon Rind Soup with Ginger and Star Anise

Five Spice Pepper Nuts

As an avid baker, I am usually both surprised and intrigued when I hear about something new.  Last month’s discovery was pepper nuts.  Have you ever tried them? I was schooled by a friend in town here about what pepper nuts are and how to make them.  Interestingly, they require neither pepper nor nuts.  They are crunchy (like nuts) and spicy (like pepper).  These teeny … Continue reading Five Spice Pepper Nuts

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream {Dairy-Free, Paleo}

Creamy coconut milk pairs with pumpkin and warm spices to create a gloriously rich ice cream that might even eclipse a slice of pie.  And it only needs five ingredients! Clean eating that tastes this good makes me even happier to celebrate and “indulge.”  Gathering with friends and family to enjoy some amazing pumpkin ice cream seems like a great way to spend November (or … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream {Dairy-Free, Paleo}

Blueberry Lime Fruit Gummies

Blueberry Lime Fruit Gummies

Tangy, sweet, and chewy, a touch of lime transports these healthy treats into the ultimate snack realm.  Elderberry and blueberries give added boosts of antioxidants and immune support.  But once these gems are ready to pick up, everyone will be too busy biting into the flavours to notice the hidden benefits. This recipe is linked to Allergy Free Wednesdays and here. Continue reading Blueberry Lime Fruit Gummies