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12 {Gluten Free} Party Starters and Sweets to Welcome the New Year

Whether you are gathering with friends to ring in the new year or just relaxing with family during a bowl game or favourite movie, bite-sized foods are where it’s at.  And all the better if those delicious bites can be made ahead and enjoyed by all (including those who eat gluten free). Some day I dream of hosting open houses with bountiful buffets where I … Continue reading 12 {Gluten Free} Party Starters and Sweets to Welcome the New Year

Savoury Cilantro Popovers {Gluten Free}

Poll a group of people and you will find few, if any, who are undecided when it comes to the taste of cilantro (or coriander).  I fall into the cilantro lovers’ camp most definitely!  But should you find yourself on the other side of the aisle, fear not.  You can easily swap in fresh basil or even baby spinach leaves.  And in all of these variations, … Continue reading Savoury Cilantro Popovers {Gluten Free}

Cilantro Olive Tapenade

Appetizers = one of the best inventions ever.  In my ideal world, meals would consist of an endless array of appetizers and be eaten outdoors whenever possible.  Though I have never had the good fortune of experiencing a tapas party, I suspect I would never wish to leave if I did.  Furthermore, if you browse my recipe index, you’ll notice that there are far more … Continue reading Cilantro Olive Tapenade