Provinces I Have Visited in Real Life (shown in colour)

Touring Canada, Part 1: Pun Times in the West

To explore Canada from one coast all the way to the other one is of my great wishes.  Three years of living on the Saskatchewan prairie have only strengthened that thirst to roam across this vast, diverse nation.  After such a journey, I might even be able to correctly label all ten provinces on a map. My first Canadian encounters were visiting my grandparents in … Continue reading Touring Canada, Part 1: Pun Times in the West

Sparkling Saskatoon Berry Punch

Sparkling Saskatoon Berry Punch

  Parties are popping up everywhere this month, with graduations and weddings and anniversary celebrations happening.  And to celebrate with a glass of punch is certainly appropriate and desirable in this case, thanks to the berries.  I’ve rarely met a punch I don’t like, and though I’ll drink it in any colour, I prefer to tint mine with mostly natural ingredients. If you are not … Continue reading Sparkling Saskatoon Berry Punch

Berry Lemonade Brunch Cake

This cake could have been a muffin.  But sometimes it’s nice to have a slice of moist cake in the morning.  Or to slice off a bit for an afternoon snack.  Or opt for coffee cake after dinner, as a  moderately sweet dessert.  I like the crunchy top too.  There’s nothing I didn’t like about this cake, actually.  Perhap you’ll feel similarly after trying it … Continue reading Berry Lemonade Brunch Cake

Saskatoon Berry Applesauce Bars

Combine a fragrant medley of spices with locally picked Saskatoon berries in a moist applesauce batter and what do you get?  An exercise in self control.  I have to put these out of sight or I am too quickly drawn to eat “just one more.” Blueberries can easily be substituted for Saskatoon berries in most recipes (and vice versa).  We now live in an area … Continue reading Saskatoon Berry Applesauce Bars