Very Vanilla Pear Bread {Gluten Free Option} | Swirls and Spice

Very Vanilla Pear Bread

This pear bread truly lets the fruit flavour shine through, offering just a slight touch of cinnamon spice.  Pears and vanilla pair well by complementing each others’ delicate aromas.  We’ve enjoyed this delicious bread several times over the last couple of months and I plan on making it regularly, as I now prefer it to banana bread. Though it is an ideal way to use … Continue reading Very Vanilla Pear Bread

Ginger Pear Granola with Sesame Seeds

Ginger, if you have not already surmised, is one of my favorite spices to add to things.  It lends brightness, bite, and depth to savoury recipes like chicken noodle soup, and blends beautifully with fruits like pears and peaches.  The notion to add pears to my granola came along before I saw Sally’s granola recipe, but it served as a springboard from which to create … Continue reading Ginger Pear Granola with Sesame Seeds