Swedish Pepparkakor Cookies

The first Christmas I made pepparkakor, my son, who we call “the eating machine,” snuck past me and secretly devoured most of a heaping plate full.  Probably about two dozen at once.  So be warned.  Baking these cookies is a risk.  Well worth it though! Surprisingly, I did not encounter these cookies as part of my Swedish family heritage.  Rather, I discovered them through a children’s Christmas … Continue reading Swedish Pepparkakor Cookies

"Nova Scone-ia" Canada

Touring Canada, Part 3: The Maritime Provinces

Some of our best Canadian friends hail from the maritimes, as do several of my husband’s favourite Canadian authors.  Such an easy connection with people who grew up so far away from us is both astonishing and intriguing.  Furthermore, we love seafood, and this stunning travelogue from Simple Bites gives evidence of how happy we would be to eat local catches fresh from the coastal … Continue reading Touring Canada, Part 3: The Maritime Provinces

Molasses Brown Bread Buns

Molasses adds a distinctive deep flavour and rich colour to these fresh buns based on traditional east coast brown bread. I asked a very good friend of mine from New Brunswick what typical maritime food is like.  Besides the obvious seafood specialties, freshly baked brown bread, she told me, was a staple that you would find quite often on the table.   And the inclusion of … Continue reading Molasses Brown Bread Buns