Flourless Mango Mini Muffin + Donuts | Swirls and Spice

Flourless Mango Mini Muffins and Donuts

The surprising thing about these flourless mini muffins (and donuts) is that they actually taste better the next day.  Is that hard to believe?  Then you had better verify my statement. What happens is that the moisture levels even out, resulting in a surface layer that is moist enough so that ginger-sugar coating clings beautifully.  Just be sure to dip them in the sugar coating shortly … Continue reading Flourless Mango Mini Muffins and Donuts

Mango Semifreddo with Blackberries

Mango Lemon Semifreddo with Blackberries

Few tastes compare to fresh blackberries picked on a warm summer day.  When I played in the backyard as a girl, I would sometimes spy a ripe berry along the chain link fence and pop it into my mouth.  Where I live now, blackberries don’t grow wild, but I haven’t forgotten their allure.  I guessed that a cool dessert like mango lemon semifreddo would be enhanced … Continue reading Mango Lemon Semifreddo with Blackberries

Mango Lemon Bars

Mango Lemon Bars with Coconut Crust

Whether you’re ready for a party or in need of a boost, you cannot go wrong with citrus.  The bright aromas are a natural mood enhancer!   We’ve been drooping this week, with fluctuating weather, my husband not feeling well, and the kitchen in chaos.  So as I suggested before, when life gets you down, make lemon bars.  Amen? Last time I created Citrus Swirl Lemon … Continue reading Mango Lemon Bars with Coconut Crust

Tropical Tango Breakfast Cookies

Some people are ready to eat breakfast just a few minutes after waking up in the morning.  That describes me.  Inspired by a recipe for breakfast cookies at Sally’s Baking Addiction, these wholesome mango oatmeal cookies are a perfect make-ahead treat for breakfast.   Especially for when you are craving something different.  Have a cookie (or two).  Whether you eat yours first thing in the morning … Continue reading Tropical Tango Breakfast Cookies

Mango Chicken Curry

All mangoes are not created equal.  Ataulfo mangoes, sometime called Manilla mangoes, boast a sweet, creamy orange flesh that has a smoother taste than run-of-the-mill mangoes with red and green skin.  Whenever I see a good looking mango, I buy it.  Recently I brought home a five-pound box of mangoes, which prompted me to attempt making a sweet-and-salty entree to serve over rice.  To my … Continue reading Mango Chicken Curry