Chocolate Pomegranate Crepe Bites | Swirls and Spice #glutenfree #grainfree

Chocolate Pomegranate Crepe Bites

For your next special event, try a platter of chocolate crepe bites.  Topped with dazzling pomegranate gems, these bite-sized delights look like packages and are reminsicent of petit-fours. I love crêpes.  And I think petit fours are adorable, but they are nigh impossible to make at home.  My mother and I tried making petit fours once, for a birthday party of mine.  We “nailed it,” in … Continue reading Chocolate Pomegranate Crepe Bites

Five Spice Pepper Nuts | Swirls and Spice

7 Cookie Recipes Worth Making and Taking

December has arrived, and I haven’t started baking in earnest yet.  However I am okay with that.  Usually I can be found baking all through the twelve days of Christmas.  Our family runs on an academic calendar, so that’s often the time that works best.  The pace of life slows.  My kids are out of school and eager to help make and scarf down what we create together. If you think … Continue reading 7 Cookie Recipes Worth Making and Taking

12 Glute-Free Party Appetizers and Sweets | Swirls and Spice

12 {Gluten Free} Party Starters and Sweets to Welcome the New Year

Whether you are gathering with friends to ring in the new year or just relaxing with family during a bowl game or favourite movie, bite-sized foods are where it’s at.  And all the better if those delicious bites can be made ahead and enjoyed by all (including those who eat gluten free). Some day I dream of hosting open houses with bountiful buffets where I … Continue reading 12 {Gluten Free} Party Starters and Sweets to Welcome the New Year

Pistachio Almond Cookie Brittle {Gluten Free} | Swirls and Spice

Pistachio Almond Blondie Brittle

Christmastime is near.  And that often calls for trays of something sweet to munch on, for which blondie brittle is perfect.  Neither ridiculously sweet nor tricky to pick up, this Pistachio Almond Blondie Brittle is an ideal party guest. And it would make great company for my Hot Chocolate Cookie Brittle and Double Chocolate Cookie Brittle with peanuts.  All of three them can also be … Continue reading Pistachio Almond Blondie Brittle

Pomegranate Orange Bars {Gluten Free}

Pomegranate Gem Orange Bars

Sparkling red pomegranate atop tangy orange bars make a lovely and refreshing addition to the dessert table.  For extra fun, I spelled the word “JOY” with pomegranate arils.  But what you write (or don’t write) is up to you!  The bars look even more colourful with a generous sprinkling of pomegranate rubies.  May your heart and home have room for joy this holiday season. I’ll … Continue reading Pomegranate Gem Orange Bars

Almond Supreme Cookies

Almond Supreme Cookies {Grain Free}

Almond Supreme Cookies are a splurge meant for the holidays. Packed with almond paste and almond flour, chewy almond goodness awaits you after crunching through the almond coating. Do you like baking with almond flour?  Because you will after tasting these cookies.  Usually I hesitate to make recipes that call for almond flour alone, because it is more expensive than other flours.  But some recipes … Continue reading Almond Supreme Cookies {Grain Free}