Swedish Pepparkakor Cookies

The first Christmas I made pepparkakor, my son, who we call “the eating machine,” snuck past me and secretly devoured most of a heaping plate full.  Probably about two dozen at once.  So be warned.  Baking these cookies is a risk.  Well worth it though! Surprisingly, I did not encounter these cookies as part of my Swedish family heritage.  Rather, I discovered them through a children’s Christmas … Continue reading Swedish Pepparkakor Cookies

Five Spice Pepper Nuts

As an avid baker, I am usually both surprised and intrigued when I hear about something new.  Last month’s discovery was pepper nuts.  Have you ever tried them? I was schooled by a friend in town here about what pepper nuts are and how to make them.  Interestingly, they require neither pepper nor nuts.  They are crunchy (like nuts) and spicy (like pepper).  These teeny … Continue reading Five Spice Pepper Nuts

Almond Supreme Cookies

Almond Supreme Cookies {Grain Free}

Almond Supreme Cookies are a splurge meant for the holidays. Packed with almond paste and almond flour, chewy almond goodness awaits you after crunching through the almond coating. Do you like baking with almond flour?  Because you will after tasting these cookies.  Usually I hesitate to make recipes that call for almond flour alone, because it is more expensive than other flours.  But some recipes … Continue reading Almond Supreme Cookies {Grain Free}

Hot Chocolate Cookie Brittle

Hot Chocolate Cookie Brittle {Gluten Free Option}

Holiday baking season is upon us, and easy recipes come in very handy when I am called to bring a plate of cookies somewhere.  Last week I made some cookie brittle using hot chocolate mix and decorated it with colorful candy coated chocolate bits.  Though I usually skip baking with food colouring, I could not resist their charms this time.  My kids beg for coloured … Continue reading Hot Chocolate Cookie Brittle {Gluten Free Option}