Jane’s Cranberry Salsa

Today we are graced with a recipe for cranberry salsa, just in time for parties and holiday celebrations.  With Grey Cup parties and American Thanksgiving happening in November, and Christmas next month, sweet and tangy homemade salsa is a winning appetizer option.  Cranberry salsa would also make a perfect host or hostess gift for any upcoming get together. This recipe comes from a dear friend from … Continue reading Jane’s Cranberry Salsa

Pineapple Almond Granola

This newest granola recipe has a flavour profile similar to Pineapple Almond Muffins, which have proven very popular recently.  Both the granola and the muffins are also wheat free (and gluten free depending on the purity of your oats).  Pouring almond milk over a bowl of granola in the morning or as an afternoon snack is delicious way to get energized.  Granola also can serve … Continue reading Pineapple Almond Granola