Tropical Tango Breakfast Cookies

Some people are ready to eat breakfast just a few minutes after waking up in the morning.  That describes me.  Inspired by a recipe for breakfast cookies at Sally’s Baking Addiction, these wholesome mango oatmeal cookies are a perfect make-ahead treat for breakfast.   Especially for when you are craving something different.  Have a cookie (or two).  Whether you eat yours first thing in the morning … Continue reading Tropical Tango Breakfast Cookies

Focaccia Bread Meets Green Bean Casserole: A Dairy-Free Recipe

Hearty and healthy thanks to green beans, this loaded focaccia bread was the perfect accompaniment to our lentil stew last night.  It also pairs well with any salad imaginable.  Our version featured onions, mushrooms, and green beans on one side, and just green beans and onions on the other.  Because sometimes you can please everybody.  Custom-made focaccia is edible proof. If you are the type … Continue reading Focaccia Bread Meets Green Bean Casserole: A Dairy-Free Recipe

Orange Maple Baked Donuts

Upon seeing a recipe for Orange Maple Cornmeal Muffins, I sensed we might have a winner.  And win we did, with fruit-flavoured results that left kids asking for more.  Starting a Monday morning with miniature donuts made from muffin batter was a fun change of pace.  Though I was out of eggs, Poppy’s delicious recipe required none.  This version also made the best possible use … Continue reading Orange Maple Baked Donuts