Blackberry Peach Meringue Cookies | Swirls and Spice

Blackberry Peach Meringue Cookies

Light and airy meringue cookies with a dollop of peach filling in the center make my mouth want to sing.  Like fresh flowers in bloom, these cookies won’t last forever.  Yet they linger just long enough to make everything seem brighter. In appearance, these fruit-filled meringues remind me of an Easter sunrise and sunny side up eggs.  As spring kicks off and Easter weekend is upon us, now is the perfect … Continue reading Blackberry Peach Meringue Cookies

Grapefruit Gelatin Panna Cotta Cups | Swirls and Spice

Grapefruit Coconut Panna Cotta

Grapefruit season is in full swing; the latest fruit I sampled was at its prime, practically bursting with juicy sweetness!  The tangy citrus flavors pair perfectly with coconut panna cotta in this healthy gelatin dessert. For a middle of winter pick-me-up, fresh citrus fruit is an optimum choice.  The scent of citrus may improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety.  So save the rind and inhale deeply as you make … Continue reading Grapefruit Coconut Panna Cotta

An Easter Buffet Roundup

What’s for Easter dinner?  Lemon and lamb and lots of spring salads I hope!  Here I have collected 12 delicious options for a special meal that’s not too stressful. Of Easters past I have fond memories that include visits from my grandparents and singing hymns together in church, as well as hunting in the backyard for Easter candy and eggs.  Worship and feasting are still the most important … Continue reading An Easter Buffet Roundup

Carrot Spice Hot Cross Buns

Carrot Spice Hot Cross Buns

Can hot cross buns be made without raisins and candied citrus?  Yes, they can.  Pillowy, fragrant, sweet buns were what I was craving, and this recipe delivered all that.  Furthermore, you can enjoy customizing your own buns by adding: carrots only carrots and walnuts carrots and apples Finely grating the carrots provided colour, moisture, and a hint of texture with much less fuss than carrot … Continue reading Carrot Spice Hot Cross Buns