Double Chocolate Cookie Brittle with Nuts {Croquant au Chocolat et Noix}

The world needs more chocolate in 2014, does it not? With buckwheat flour, this recipe can be gluten free as well.  My “wheat belly” appreciates an occasional break from gluten.  More chocolate, less gluten–these sound like good resolutions to me! Have you seen the other chocolate recipes here at Swirls and Spice?  Most of them are also gluten free.    The top three in 2013 were: … Continue reading Double Chocolate Cookie Brittle with Nuts {Croquant au Chocolat et Noix}

Chai Cholkladbollar {Chocolate Oat Balls}

No-bake, chocolatey, and delicious. What more could a half-Swedish snack-aholic ask for?  Apparently chocolate oat balls are also quite popular in Sweden; according to Gregg, “these things are everywhere in Stockholm.”  My version of chocolate balls includes chai spices instead of coffee. Usually Swedish chokladbollar recipes call for oats, butter, cocoa,  sugar, butter, and coffee.  But like my mother and grandmother, I don’t do coffee … Continue reading Chai Cholkladbollar {Chocolate Oat Balls}

Dairy Free Oat Bars made with Pumpkin, Spelt Flour and Dates

Pumpkin Spiced Oat Bars

Oatmeal cookies are wonderful, anything pumpkin is irresistible, and date squares done right are sweet bliss.  Put them all together and you get these deliciously chewy pumpkin oat bars. Decadent, thanks to dates, nuts, pumpkin, and autumnal spices, these bars also keep well.  If fact, the bars taste better on the second day as the spices infuse each bite with the rich aromas of fall.  Made … Continue reading Pumpkin Spiced Oat Bars

Pumpkin Coconut Bites

Pumpkin cookie dough, anyone?  Rich in coconut flavor and punctuated with pecans, eating a few of these bites offers the satisfaction of a sweet treat without sugar shock.  I started with an old recipe of mine, Chocolate Topped Acorn Bites, and came up with an even healthier paleo pumpkin snack.  These are naturally sweetened by dates and are rich in fiber and healthy oils thanks … Continue reading Pumpkin Coconut Bites

Tropical Tango Breakfast Cookies

Some people are ready to eat breakfast just a few minutes after waking up in the morning.  That describes me.  Inspired by a recipe for breakfast cookies at Sally’s Baking Addiction, these wholesome mango oatmeal cookies are a perfect make-ahead treat for breakfast.   Especially for when you are craving something different.  Have a cookie (or two).  Whether you eat yours first thing in the morning … Continue reading Tropical Tango Breakfast Cookies