Mexican Lasagna - Gluten Free & Diary Free

Lightened Up Mexican Lasagna

  I was so excited about making homemade buckwheat noodles recently that I decided to try them out in lasagna.  And since the noodles have a bit of sweet potato in them, Mexican lasagna was my first choice. I always thought that homemade noodles were somewhat difficult to make, but I realize now that they are really fairly simple.  Take a look at my lasagna … Continue reading Lightened Up Mexican Lasagna

Homemade Buckwheat Noodle Soup

An aromatic Asian broth surrounds homemade buckwheat noodles in this comforting soup. Each flavourful spoonful is also healthy and gluten free, thanks to nutritious bone broth and magnesium-rich buckwheat. This month, in addition to fancier fare like clafoutis, I’ve intentionally shared more of my family’s favourite simple recipes.  Tasty foods like Creamy Sweet Pea Salad and Paradise Fruit Salad appear on our table again and again in real … Continue reading Homemade Buckwheat Noodle Soup

Chocolate Waffles with Pink Raspberry Frosting

Chocolate Waffles with Natural Pink Raspberry Frosting

If there ever was a frosting destined for chocolate, this raspberry frosting is it.  Put it on chocolate waffles, chocolate pancakes, or chocolate cupcakes and you have a naturally delicious burst of pink colour and zingy berry flavour.  Chocolate waffles are especially nice because they can appear as either breakfast or dessert.  I made a double batch of Chocolate Buckwheat Waffles and froze them, per … Continue reading Chocolate Waffles with Natural Pink Raspberry Frosting

Stacked Cornbread Squares on a Plate

Savoury Vegetable Cornbread: A Gluten Free Recipe

What I love about cornbread is that some variation of it can accent almost any dish.  This savoury vegetable-loaded version pairs well with several cuisines, including (but not limited to) Mexican and Indian.   Mexican Egg Drop Soup, basic lentil soup, Chicken Enchilada Rice Bowls, and Mango Chicken Curry would all be harmonious companions to this cornbread.  Cumin, which I love, is a bold seasoning … Continue reading Savoury Vegetable Cornbread: A Gluten Free Recipe

Double Chocolate Cookie Brittle with Nuts {Croquant au Chocolat et Noix}

The world needs more chocolate in 2014, does it not? With buckwheat flour, this recipe can be gluten free as well.  My “wheat belly” appreciates an occasional break from gluten.  More chocolate, less gluten–these sound like good resolutions to me! Have you seen the other chocolate recipes here at Swirls and Spice?  Most of them are also gluten free.    The top three in 2013 were: … Continue reading Double Chocolate Cookie Brittle with Nuts {Croquant au Chocolat et Noix}

A Gluten Free Recipe

Pineapple Almond Muffins

Pineapple almond was one of my favourite frozen yogurt flavours growing up.  That combination of fruit and nuts reappears in these lightly spiced muffins.  Given that they are gluten free, I was surprised at how authentic their texture was.  Eggs and buckwheat work well together though, as previous recipes like Chocolate Buckwheat Waffles have proved.  Still, my expectations were exceeded.  I could hardly believe that … Continue reading Pineapple Almond Muffins