Cornbread Waffles (Gluten-Free Option) | Swirls and Spice

Cornbread Waffles {GF Option}

Make a stack of these savory cornbread waffles, and your next brunch or lip-smacking lunch is just a few steps away.  Add some crisp bacon and/or melted cheese, and you’ll want these waffles on repeat for weeks to come.  They are perfect for stowing in the freezer, offering an instant heat-and-eat option that’s healthy and satisfying. Don’t most things taste better in waffle form?  Cornbread is no … Continue reading Cornbread Waffles {GF Option}

Wild Rice Waffles with Pecans (GF) | Swirls and Spice

Wild Rice Waffles with Pecans (GF)

The prospect of wild rice, maple syrup, and rhubarb together on a plate enticed me to get my waffle iron out again.  The resulting crisp, nutty waffles tasted wonderful on their own, but adding cherry-rhubarb maple syrup was a perfect complement to the waffles.  Complex and hefty enough to be a stand-alone meal, I didn’t even miss having bacon. Never have I tasted a heartier … Continue reading Wild Rice Waffles with Pecans (GF)

Chocolate Waffles with Pink Raspberry Frosting

Chocolate Waffles with Natural Pink Raspberry Frosting

If there ever was a frosting destined for chocolate, this raspberry frosting is it.  Put it on chocolate waffles, chocolate pancakes, or chocolate cupcakes and you have a naturally delicious burst of pink colour and zingy berry flavour.  Chocolate waffles are especially nice because they can appear as either breakfast or dessert.  I made a double batch of Chocolate Buckwheat Waffles and froze them, per … Continue reading Chocolate Waffles with Natural Pink Raspberry Frosting